15 Purse Necessities Every Woman Needs

My purse is my best friend so I am a strong believer of purse necessities. It’s safe to say that I am the Mary Poppins of my friend group because I carry all the purse essentials you could possibly need. You need a piece of gum? I got you. Oh, your hands are dry? Here’s some lotion. YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN YOUR TEETH? I am here to help.

You know, I never understood how my ladies only carry their keys and wallet in their bags. How does one get through with just THOSE two itms? It blows my mind.

Below are my ABSOLUTE must-haves. These are the items I cannot live without because you just never know when you need something important!

15 Purse Necessities Every Woman Needs


Don’t be the person with bad breathe. Seriously.

Travel deodorant

There’s nothing worse than running to catch the CTA only to find yourself on the train sweating and smelling like B.O. Carry that deodorant with you and save yourself the embarrassment

Hand lotion

Dry skin is brutal and with the harsh cold weather coming up in Chicago, it’s important to keep your skin as moisturized as possible.

Lip balm

You never know when your lips are going to turn against you and act up!


If you are like me, you know the importance of clean teeth.


This little beauty product can take you from day to night in 4 seconds.


My dark circles are horrible. Maybe it’s because I am Middle Eastern. I always look tired (because I am ha!) but concealer has saved my life plenty of times whenever I plan something on the fly with friends.

Face wipes

Anyone else have oily skin where you can fry french fries on your face? Mine is brutal! Face wipes keep me feeling fresh whenever needed.

$20 cash

Here is something I started doing recently: carrying a little bit of cash with me because I am so selfish when it comes to swiping my debit card for the smallest items. 

Hair tie

This one is self-explanatory. You ladies know the feeling of lonesome when you don’t have a hair tie close to you.


Just in case you ate way too much greasy pizza late last night and need a little helping hand.

Hand sanitizer

Are you a commuter like I am? The CTA is disgusting. People cough and sneeze in my face. The poles never get cleaned. Hand sanitizer is a necessity.

Aspirin Or Tylenol

People give me headaches. This is a must.


Incase you need to sign a $1 million check 😉

A spare phone charger

My phone has been acting up recently. It’s most likely because Apple came out with two new phones *eye roll* My phone is at the point where it has to be charged all day in order for it to function. Also, a spare charger is great in case of emergencies.


Pimple cream! My face breaks out every time I breathe. I always feel good about myself when I can catch that sucker as soon as it pops up.

Of course, these essentials will not fit in to your night-out clutch–just your everyday bag. What are some of your favorite purse necessities? Comment below and let me know! Xo!

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

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