10 Characteristics of a Genuine Friend

These days it’s hard to find people who genuinely love you for who you are. You know…like genuine friends. Why? Because people are picky and judgmental.

Here’s my thing with people: people will use you to get whatever they want. People will disrespect you. People will try their best to change others to cater to their needs. Some people are just mean.

But not ALL people. You have to understand that.

If there’s one thing I have learned during my 26 years of living on planet earth it’s that you have to be the kind of person you WANT to surround yourself with. For example, if you want friends that are caring, you have to be caring. If you want someone who is giving, you have to be giving. Sometimes, you have to teach your friends how to open up and be a good friend (and that’s okay).

Are you thinking of someone in particular while reading this? Let me help you realize how great your friends are.

Below are 10 characteristics you will find in a genuine friend:

Genuine friends check up on you

Don’t ever take those “how are you?” Or “what’s going on?” texts for granted. If your friends are curious on what you’re up too, or wanting to see what’s new in your life, you have a good friend on your hands.

They know how to converse

Small talk is fine. Sometimes I love small talk. But if you have in depth conversations with the ones you love, keep them around. A good conversation can increase your knowledge AND open your mind to new ideas.

Great friends cheer you on

I ran the half marathon in July (how is it August already?). My closest friends came to cheer me on. Friends even texted me “good luck.” Even the smallest effort meant a lot to me. Whether you have an upcoming interview, or just need that extra push to talk to your crush, a little boost can go a long way.

They support you

…in every decision you make. They may not agree, but they will be honest and open about that, too.

They listen

There’s nothing better than someone who can sit there and actively listen. Sometimes you just need someone to vent to and not say a single word. It feels so good to have those people around.

They feel with you

My closest friends always put themselves in my shoes. It’s hard, but they do it. And I do the same. Why? Because it feels better when you have someone who is feeling with you, rather than judging you.

They care about your life

…every single ounce of it.

Love those who are honest with you

If there’s one thing I appreciate about my circle of friends, it’s that they are open and honest. It could be the smallest thing like “I know we made plans but I really just don’t want to get out of bed.” Or even “Hey, I think you should look at the situation this way.”

They tell you how it is and challenge you

I’m lucky I have a group of girls who are thick skinned because man, when we have something to say we’ll say it and you have no choice but to take it in. Respect the opinions of those that you love. Remember, your closest friends have seen you at your worst.

They sincerely apologize

Saying “sorry” is hard to some so when they do it, don’t ever hold it against them. Your sorry’s mean a lot, and you need to say it/accept it whenever it’s necessary.
**Bonus – they encourage you to take naps and eat that last slice of pizza.
Remember, no one is perfect. Find those who love you for who you are and keep them close. There’s no better way to go through life than with those who laugh with you until the end.
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Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

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