8 Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always Be Number One

Dad ; father ; daddy ; pop ; poppa ; papa ; babba ; babbo ; babbas  — Isn’t it crazy how there are so many different ways to say dad, yet they all have the same meaning, but mean something completely different to each and every person?

The more you grow up, the more you realize how important your parents are to you. Don’t get me wrong — our parents have always been important to us but the older you get, you appreciate them more than ever.

You see, there is a big difference between a mom and a dad (it doesn’t matter what gender your mother or your father is). Each parent is different. From different parenting skills to communication skills, to personalities, your parents give you a little piece of them every single day.

With Father’s Day approaching, I will focus my weekly post on why my dad will always be the number one man in my life even when I am married with 58094 kids. LOL JK!

Dad fights for what he wants:

Nowadays, you get married, have a little fight and call it quits. Why? Did you never fight as a couple before marriage? Dads show us that they can handle their woman whether they are having a bad or a good day (because even good days can be exhausting). When my mom is craving a margarita, she gets a margarita. When she needs something from the store, he will run out to grab it. Real men take the time to cook meals when their woman is tired. They also know how to actually listen. They look forward to pleasing their woman no matter the circumstances.

He puts us first:

What’s it like to have to worry about 3 kids because I can’t even take care of myself. I’m pretty sure my dad was born with fatherly instincts because every time I’m home visiting, he’s always making sure everything is perfectly set up. He buys my favorite fruit and meat just so I don’t have to spend the extra $45 on groceries. If we go out to eat and order dessert, he insists on someone else taking the last bite. If he’s hungry and someone else is starving, the plate is all theirs.

Dad’s are always hard working:

My goodness if only I had my dads old fashioned hard working skills. My parents married young. They had their children when they were young. My dad not only attended college, but built our family home with his bare hands. Could you imagine? Also, I can’t remember the last time my dad slept past 4am. When he gets up, he is ready for the day. Which is a good thing because I probably would have never gotten up in time for school or work. What’s the best thing about my father? He never complains about the work he has to do. He enjoys every second of it and that’s what I appreciate the most.

He will make it happen…no matter what:

I can’t remember the last time my dad quit at something he couldn’t do. If anything, it was motivation to keep going because he wanted to show his kids that anything is possible. Now, guys are lazy. I’ll say it – I don’t care. They find it hard to get off of the couch and have the “I’ll do it later” mentality. Things don’t get done that way. They never will.

He knows how to have fun:

Have you seen my dads dancing skills? They are awesome. Have you seen my dad in his ‘relaxing-while-having-a-cigar’ element? It’s a soothing sight. Not only that, but he’s not afraid to wave his hands in the air and sing and dance. He’s also not afraid to grab my moms hand and take her to the dance floor. Most importantly, he’s not afraid to make us all laugh whether it’s intentional or not.

He’s a professional when it comes to money:

If I don’t get a phone call every Monday about my statement and how much money I spent over the weekend, I’m doing something wrong. I used to get mad when I would get yelled at for spending too much money but now, I admire it. I admire it because we still have a roof over our heads, we still have food in the fridge, and my parents go on vacations every chance they get. He’s doing something right. When he advises me to put money in my savings, I’ll do it.

He never forgets and is a great listener:

If I have a doctors appointment, he’s there. If I tell him I need something a week before, he will remind me because god knows I will forget. If I tell him I had a bad day, he will make me smile and give me hope that tomorrow is a new day. He is accepting and loves that I am carefree. He is supportive. He is the first one to read all of my articles, the first one to call me and praise me for my hardworking skills, and the one whose constructive criticism I will always learn from.

He’s the smartest man I know:

I don’t know how big a dads noggin has to be in order for them to remember the stuff they do, but it’s impressive. At my age, I have accepted that no guy will ever add up to be the man your father is because you will always have one dad in your life and between all of the disciplining and lecturing, one is enough. Look for the qualities that you look up to in your father-figure and strive for them. Never settle for less than you deserve. Never settle for someone that doesn’t make you happy.

I could go on and on about how much this man means to me, but I will leave it at the basics. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. If you are reading this, just know how much your kids appreciate you.

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Samantha Lebbos
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