IT’S ALMOST WINTER! Here’s How to Stay Decently Healthy

You guys. The cold weather is finally here in Chicago and I don’t think my body is ready for “snot running down your face” weather.

Ugh. There’s nothing worse than getting up in the A.M. and commuting when it’s freezing outside.

Oh wait – there is something worse than that…and it’s being around disgusting people who cough, spit loogies, yawn, sneeze and breathe all over me.

Now, I am not doctor. Just kidding I am. I am my OWN doctor. I know my body better than anybody else. I enjoy diagnosing myself without the help of WebMD, thank you very much. At the age of 25-years-old, I know exactly what my body needs in order to keep myself decently healthy (because drinking alcohol and eating junk food is probably not healthy at all).

I am happy to share the love, and health, of what works for me and how I stay in tip top shape during the cold, harsh, depressing, shitty winters.

1. Drink WATER

I mean, how many times do I have to tell my friends and family to drink water. Seriously people. Water is what fuels and hydrates your body. Your body needs water to keep you energized. The first thing I do every morning is drink a glass of water. Think about it – you just slept for 6-8 hours without hydrating. That’s why hangovers are so bad! Drink up, buttercup.

2. Bundle up

I am that human who wears her parka as soon as the smell of fall comes rolling in. Do I care? No. I will start wearing my coat, scarf, hat, and gloves (mainly because I don’t like touching those disgusting poles on the CTA). Does it help? Probably. Do I hate being cold? Yes. I am cranky when I am cold so I am learning to keep myself happy by staying warm.

3. Vitamin C packets

Feel something coming on? Water + Emergen-C packets are my go-to. I like to stay away from meds if I feel like I am getting sick because I just don’t like taking meds to begin with. Have I ever told you guys that story about Nyquil and college? I used to always get sick in college so I would take Nyquil to help me fall asleep at night (probably not a good idea but that was college and we’ve made worse decisions in our lives). Then, one time I was full blown sick and when I actually needed Nyquil, it didn’t help me at all. At that point, I was immune to it. Kind of funny. Kind of not. But I try to stay away from anything until I know I need it.

4. Wash your damn hands

I do this weird thing where I know who doesn’t wash their hands by now because I am creepy and keep tabs on people in the bathroom. WASH. YOUR. HANDS. It’s not that hard. It’s 2016, many public bathrooms have sensor sinks and soap dispensers so all you have to do is put your hands under both of those, and it does everything for you. Do not sneeze and touch me unless your hands are washed. Actually, do not you anything and not wash your hands then touch me. I will call you out.

5. Stay active

Trust me – I am the laziest person once the cold weather makes its way to Chicago for the next however many months *crying* but I try to keep my legs moving as much as I can. Obviously I walk my tired butt to the train every morning and back home, but that’s not enough. My favorite form of exercise is running because god knows I can’t lift weights. Grab a gym membership, run in place, do jumping jacks in your room – I don’t care. Just stay moving. Remember, a body at rest, stays at rest.

6. Eat semi-healthy.

Now, I am not one to tell you to eat healthy because I will eat hot wings, chips, Taco Bell and a cheese burger in one sitting, but if you’re snacking at work, or need a little boost, grab something healthy. All of the good stuff is in fruits and veggies, sad I know, but dip them in ranch or something and you’ll be good to go!

7. Sleep

I love sleep. I will sleep anywhere. The bar, the car, the couch during a pre-game with friends, the front porch. Anywhere. This cold weather breaks by body down. Literally, breaks it down. I get tired easily. My head starts to hurt. My joints are flimsy. It gets dark at 4pm now and my body is confused. All of the above! When I want my sleep, I will get it. Sleep also keeps your body up to par, incase you were living under a rock and didn’t know that. If you drain your body, your immune system is tired, too. Go catch your Zzz’s, people.I could go on and on about badly you need to think about your body before anything else during the cold weather.

I get it, the winter sucks. But we can make it through together. And if you try all of those things and still get sick, don’t sue me. Those suggestions are just ways I try to keep myself healthy. Wishing you all a happy and warm winter! Remember, bundle up, drink water, and catch a nap wherever you are. Under your desk at work, even 😉

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

I am happy you are here! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, need some motivation or advice, or want me to host your next event. Comment below and let me know what you think of this post :) xo!

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