Lady Gaga Is Not Fat, You Just Suck

Ladies and gentleman: today we are going to talk about those disgusting people who thought Lady Gaga was “FAT” during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

For those of you who think Lady Gaga is fat, let me give you a little advice: you need to check yourselves before you call someone who absolutely nailed the Super Bowl halftime show anything but amazing. To be quite honest, it was one of the best Super Bowl performances I have ever laid my eyes on.

For those of you who are calling Lady Gaga “LARGE” and “BIG” and even blurting the words “EW” and “HER BODY IS GROSS” out, you better think twice before putting those 8 munchkin donuts and 4 pizza slices in your mouth. If I see you putting anything but celery and carrots in your mouth, I will knock it out of your hands. Also, I have a few words for you:

1. You will never be able to sing (LIVE) and dance the way she does…

…without falling to pieces from exhaustion. Without completely nailing it. Without looking BOMB AF while doing it. I can guarantee you walk up a flight of stairs and can barely breathe. You probably cannot carry grocery bags from your car to your kitchen without losing your breath. Also, you most likely cannot move your body the way Lady Gaga does. Let me remind you, she works out

2. You’d cry if someone called you fat so….

…I dare you to post an image of yourself while singing, dancing and wearing tight shorts and I guarantee someone will call you out. I also promise you you’ll end up losing sleep over the criticism you are receiving of your body. Would you like that? Hmm, probably not so much, right?

3. That’s not fat, that’s SKIN.

Are you out of your damn mind? If you were smart, you’d realize that is SKIN, NOT FAT. She’s wearing TIGHT SHORTS. Open your eyes. I can’t stand people who are quick to judge something so LITTLE. Seriously, get a life. Perhaps focus on yourself, you know?

4. You don’t have to be 115 lbs and 5’9 with a model body to be “in shape”

You could be 100 lbs, you could be 120 lbs, you could be 200 lbs. You could be 5’3, 5’7, 6’8. You could be in SHAPE at any weight as long as you work for it. You could be petite, round, pear-shaped, big-boned..whatever. Not everyone has the same body structure, the same metabolism, and the same eating habits. You can lose weight when you’re stressed, or you can gain weight. You could eat and not gain a pound, or you could eat and gain a few pounds. As long as you work your body out, you’re in shape. My main point is, everyone has a different body. Who are you to judge?

5. You’re the reason why girls HATE themselves…

… and also the reason why people hate each other. This world is filled with people growing up and feeling like they aren’t good enough, and it’s because of people like YOU. Instead of body shaming someone, point out something beautiful about them. Make them feel like they are just as worthy enough to be living on this planet just as much as you.

6. Lady Gaga may be a millionaire, but she is also a human with feelings.

You know what? I am very happy Lady Gaga took to Instagram to speak out about those who are calling her “fat.” You don’t deserve her attention, but she took it like the real champ that she is. Her words were so beautiful that she is giving females from all over the world HOPE that they are gorgeous just the way they are.
“I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. Xoxo, gaga”

 **BONUS** You need to buzz off with your opinions.

You look like an idiot when you post about how much you “hated” Lady Gaga’s body. No one cares about your pettiness. You’re not perfect and trust me, everyone knows that. The more you bring people down, the less people like you. Welcome to the real world, where no one is ever good enough.

I could go on and on about why everyone who is body shaming Lady Gaga sucks, but instead, I’m going to let karma do the work. When someone hurts your feelings (which I wish no one ever treats you badly), you’ll know what it’s like to feel self conscious, sad, depressed, and miserable. We all know–It’s not a good feeling.

Now, imagine being body-shamed by thousands of people. It’s not fair. Instead of bringing people down, be the helping hand that brings people UP. Compliment them. Give them a reason to smile. Don’t be that person who no one likes to be around. Just remember–no one likes that person.


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