Let There Be Sports! A Couple Who Cheers Together, Stays Together

Did someone say SPORTS?

There are way too many things I could complain about when it comes to relationships that some females think make or break the entire chemistry. Like how we think cuddling is always necessary and if he doesn’t cuddle with you, he doesn’t love you – which isn’t true (let me sleep in peace without feeling like someone is body choking me). Also, how we always have to dress up and go out to expensive dinners when staying in is ALWAYS an option (I don’t want to take my leggings off and put makeup on).

Forget all of that nonsense. Right now for this very moment I am going to complain about a topic that cheers the men on in the relationship.

drum roll please – Why do women always huff and puff when their significant other wants to watch sports especially with their guys? This is one thing that seems to always boggle my mind. I mean, I may never complain about my future husband watching his favorite sports team because I am a Chicago sports fanatic. Whenever I see a female at a sports bar clearly showing signs of not wanting to be there, I can’t even imagine how the guy feels but it’s most likely a feeling of annoyance.

Do you think your guy wants to be dragged with to go shopping for scarves or to every family event? Even baptisms, oil changes, getting our tires rotated and to the doctor with you? Absolutely not. But they put up with it. Honestly, I would probably cry if I was attached to the hip with someone. Can I get some room to breathe, please?

Here’s the deal. Back in college, I did a study on how couples where the man can watch his sports games in peace are much happier. Can you believe it? 2 hours on game days dedicated to the man can make him smile. When your man smiles, you smile. Here are some other reasons why you should let your boyfriend/husband/fling watch their sports:

  • Stress-factor: Think of it as a way for him to reduce his stress. He had a long day at work and wants to unwind. Let him. Unless you like when he takes his stress out on you which would suck so hard. We reduce our stress by sleeping, eating, shopping and complaining. They reduce their stress by watching their favorite sport team with their “boys.”
  • Guys who watch sports are attractive: It’s nice to see a guy dedicated to a team because for once, they are 100% dedication to something in their lives. It’s even more nice when you both like the same team. (GO BULLS, anyone?)
  • Bonding time: I love going to a sports bar every once in a while (every weekend) to watch a game. But then again I also love drinking beer. Whether it’s at home on the couch or out socially, you are spending time with him. He may not be giving you all the attention your needy ass wants but he invited you out with him and the guys. That should mean a lot.
  • He will look at you different: We all know guys have 99 problems and they are all about how they don’t know how to do anything right but in his head I can guarantee that when he sees you watching sports he will think this chick is awesome. It’s another reason for him to like you.
  • He won’t complain to his friends about you: Don’t you want to be that kewl girlfriend? We all do. Unless you’re a psychopath who tries to control every single movement your boyfriend makes.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship out there and if there was, well, that would be the scariest thing in the world. Use your bickering and fighting time on things that actually matter because it will help the relationship grow. Unless your boyfriend doesn’t show you any attention and treats you like complete crap (which you should dump his ass right away), give him some time to himself. That leads to giving yourself a break which is always a good thing. He’ll thank you one way or another – I promise.

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

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