Make or Break: 5 Emotions You’ll Go Through When Introducing Your New Man to the Girls

It’s time. It’s time to introduce the guy you’ve been crushing on for a while to the best friends. Ugh, this is never an easy process. In fact, it’s f*cking annoying. Why? Because this is the step where you actually realize if you like this person or not. You see, we take our girls opinions and words seriously because they always hit you with the “I know you better than you know yourself.” One simple negative feedback about the crush and you’re done. It’s over. The romantic dates, the drinking and cuddling, the good conversations, the sweet talking – it’s. all. over.

How do you actually plan this whole shindig out? Is it better to sit at a bar? Do we meet at a restaurant? Where is the safest place the girls can drill him? It’s all too much. Personally, I’d choose a bar that way I can drown the pain in a bottle of Captain. The questions and emotions flood while planning this meet and greet and if you’ve gone through this before, it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride. We know how our girls are. They will tell you the truth harder than than when you got drunk and fell off of the barstool back in college. If he’s ugly, they’ll say it. If they don’t like his outfit, you know they’ll say that loud and proud too. The best part is, if they foresee him being a complete dick, they’ll say that to his face and put him in his place. Why is life so difficult? Here are 5 emotions that you will go through while introducing your boy to the big dogs:

1. Excitement

This emotion will last for a couple minutes. While you’re texting your girls “I can’t wait for you to meet him, he’s so great!” you are most likely tipsy at the bar with him. You are also talking him up to be Ryan Gosling and we all know that is not even possible. During your girls night out, you tell them all about how he paid for your meal and how he isn’t afraid to show you off to his friends as they beg and plead to meet him. Immediately after you set a date for them to all meet is when you regret even having a boyfriend.

2. Stress

How is this going to work out? What is he going to wear? I hope he doesn’t wear something stupid. He better be on time. Is he going to buy us a round of shots? I mean come on. This is when you play 21 Question x 15 in your brain. You think of all of the possible things that can go wrong and you can’t fathom to think about what new asshole your girls are going to rip you after they meet him. This is also when you should just breathe and turn your “I can’t breathe” mentality to “whatever happens, happens.” Save yourself the pain and agony and just go with it.

3. Doubt

This is when you start to ask yourself if you really like this guy. Is he the one? Is he going to show up on our wedding day? I wonder how long we’re going to last. This doesn’t last for long. Don’t worry though. He will take you out to dinner and drinks and you will instantly fall in “like” with him all over again because he treats you well and buys you food when you’re hungry. You know he’s a keeper if he keeps you fed because guys should know by now that when we’re hungry, it’s downhill from there.

4. Anxiety

It’s the big day. You’re waiting at the bar for him to show up and “wow” the tough crowd aka your squad who have already been drinking during happy hour and are most likely at their “IDGAF” drunk stage. But then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from them and your boy shouldn’t either. You already told him everything about every single one of your closest girls from their hobbies to their most embarrassing moments with you in college. You breathe heavily during this process because you might think he will be turned off when your friends are playing a round “Would you rather” with him giving him scenarios that would define your group are the most messed up females in the city.

5. Reassurance

As the night goes on you’re feeling a little better. The group is talking, eating and drinking. Most importantly, the girls are laughing. No one/nothing else matters in this situation as long as the girls are content. Let’s be serious, the first two things the girls will say after you recuperate is “he SO funny” and “He is CUTE.” This is the time you can finally breathe and feel better about the choice of guy you met out and hit on. I mean, why wouldn’t the girls like him? They should know your type by now. You knew all along that they would like everything about him and they might even be obsessed with him. If all goes well, you better believe I’m going to fish for compliments to make me feel so much better about myself. “Isn’t he perfect?” “Don’t you love his green eyes?” I mean come on, you deserve to get pampered with their words after all you went through to get him to show up and for them to behave.

The only thing more stressful than introducing your bae to your girls is introducing them to your parents. The only thing more stressful than that is planning your wedding so cheers to picking the right guy that is completely OK with catering to every single important person in your life’s needs.

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

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