Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him or Her That’ll Score You Points

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and the history behind Valentine’s Day is way too political for me to explain so let’s just stick to what’s important: Valentine’s Day gifts, candy-eating, and snuggling.

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day, or you just don’t really care about this Hallmark Holiday (but know you have to celebrate…aka all men), let me make your lives easier by helping you out with a little bit of gifting ideas.

Check out Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him AND Her below!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

A Sephora gift card

valentines day gifts for her sephora gift card samantha lebbos

I am putting this as number one because a Sephora gift card is a win-win on both ends. You get a gift that she’ll love, and she’ll use that gift for things she loves…makeup! Might I add–make up EXPENSIVE!

Cute pajamas

Not lingerie — pajamas. Which female doesn’t love to lounge after a long day in pretty PJ’s? J. Crew has really comfy and cute pajama sets that she’ll adore!

A spa day!

Even better, a couples spa day at a fancy hotel. You can also create your own spa basket with beauty-favorites such as bath bombs, bath salts, a nice book, snacks, and more!

Wine subscription

valentines day gifts for her wine samantha lebbos

For all my wine-lovin’ ladies! What better way to show her how much you support her wine-drinking than signing her up for a wine subscription?

A candle, chocolate and flowers

valentines day gifts for her samantha lebbos

You don’t have to spends hundreds of dollars on a gift to impress her. Also, you can never go wrong with a beautiful candle and chocolate. We love chocolate, flowers and candles.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

An awesome retro speaker

valentines day gifts for him samantha lebbos

Guys love to jam out no matter what time it is. This retro speaker is is going for $200+ so if your boo has a birthday in February, this can suffice for both a birthday AND Valentine’s Day gift.

An Action Camera

valentines day gifts for him action camera samantha lebbos

This is a great gift for those adventure-loving-men out there. A small go-pro-like camera is on Amazon for as low as $40!

A Beer Brewing Kit

valentines day gifts for him brewing kit samantha lebbos

For those beer drinkers who love to experiment! You can find beer brewing kits on Uncommon goods for $45. Such a budget-friendly and thoughtful gift.

A nice watch

valentines day gifts for him watch samantha lebbos

At what age do guys enjoy wearing watches? Either way, a watch is a great piece of jewelry for those looking to spice up their style.

Tickets to an upcoming game or concert

valentine's day gifts for him samantha lebbos

Here is one event you two can experience together! Buy tickets to his favorite sports team or concert and get ready for an awesome night out.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about gifts. It’s about taking the time out of your busy schedules to show each other that you are thankful to have them by your side.

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

I am happy you are here! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, need some motivation or advice, or want me to host your next event. Comment below and let me know what you think of this post :) xo!

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