What I Realized After Turning My Phone off for an Entire Day

Everyone wants to be happy, right? Thinking it’s too far out of reach, we don’t really know what the key to being happy really is. Little do we know, happiness is in the palm of our hands. To some, happiness comes easy. To others – not so much. Isn’t it crazy how stress happens in a blink of an eye to every single person as opposed to happiness?

Growing up in the digital age is stressful to me. I have had a phone since 8th grade (first phone was a flip phone to be exact). I had a robot dog and a Furby. I also had a computer and a TV in my room. My PC and tube TV may have broke. My robot dog and Furby may have also been thrown down the stairs because I was annoyed with them. But then there’s my phone. I wouldn’t even dare to let that thing slip out of my hands unless it was a drunken mistake. But something changed within the past 6 months. My life became less stressful. How you may ask? I turned my text messaging tone on silent.

Now, you might think I’m insane. And maybe I am. But there came a point in my life where I started to make myself dizzy looking back in forth from whatever I was doing to looking at my phone just to see if anyone texted me. My phone never left my hand because I was too anxious someone would text me. 6 months later I have never been happier. Here are some reasons why turning your phone on silent will make your life better:

You won’t feel the need to always be available:

I realized that I don’t constantly need to be available to anyone unless it’s my family, my boyfriend or my close friends. I also learned that making time for myself is actually awesome. Why am I wasting my time waiting for someone to text me only to have a conversation lead to “k”? There comes a point in your life when you need to make yourself happy before anyone else. The sooner this happens – the better.

You will get yourself to try new things:

How can I try new things if my phone takes up my entire life? I got in to yoga, went out and socialized more and even learned how to cook some good meals (so that I have a high chance of getting married). You might think that texting doesn’t take up much of your time but it really does. That’s why your cell phone is small. It fits everywhere and anywhere which means it’s always around.

Your social skills will expand:

Yes. Texting is much more convenient. I know. But talking to someone face-to-face is invigorating. Not only do you learn about other people, but you learn more about yourself. Within the past 6 months I realized that I have been nothing but rude ever since text messaging became unlimited. I would be conversing with someone and texting someone at the same time. The last time someone did that to me I was  pretty salty. If a person if giving you all of their attention, you should have the courtesy to do that as well.

No one will think you are annoying on social media:

The people who constantly have their phone in their hands are the most annoying. Status updates every 5 minutes, pictures on IG every 7 minutes. I mean come on, I’m sure you have other things you can do – like walk your turtle or something.

You will get more rest:

I would wake up every hour because my body was trained to check and see if someone texted me. How pathetic coming from someone who lives to sleep. My careless attitude towards my phone now has made the bags under my eyes go away. – kinda and I am less stressed.

Your relationships will last longer:

There is a difference between being in a productive relationship and a pointless relationship. Being in a productive relationship is when you are giving your partner the time and effort they deserve. When you are together, you are full-force. Being in a pointless relationship is where you both don’t give a piece of crap about the other person because you’re too busy caring about everyone else. Try making a new rule. Next time you two go out to dinner, don’t use your cell phones (unless you’re taking a cute picture with each other). You will either end up liking them more or realizing that they are boring – you’re welcome.

Pay attention next time you’re out at work or a social event. The amount of time you spend checking your phone is an ongoing process. Glaring back and forth at your cell phone isn’t going to do much. If it’s an emergency, your family and friends should know to call you. People still call, right? So put your texts on silent and let some happiness in your veins. It’s like a breath of fresh air once you kick the habit. You’ll never want to go back again. Make time and get to know yourself better. You’re not completely disconnecting yourself from the world. You’re just giving yourself a break – every single day.

Samantha Lebbos
Samantha Lebbos

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