Your Quick Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Have you ever thought about becoming a social media influencer? Let me tell you, it’s hard work, but worth it if you are willing to put in the time and effort. In the end, building a large social media following can change your life in many ways.

The key to being a successful social media influencer isn’t about persuasiveness– it’s about bonding with your target audience by sharing experiences, ideas and information that is relevant to your passions.

When your followers begin to realize that you are a positive influence on them, you’ll be gaining more traffic each and every day.

Below are a few tips on becoming a social media influencer:

Find Your Focus

Becoming a social media influencer means you must master a specific topic within your niche. If you cast your net too wide, it will be difficult to gain the level of knowledge necessary to be considered an expert.

Read, read, read!

It’s very important to read up on what is trending in your industry. You must know what your target audience loves and what they want more of. If you don’t find passion in learning and growing, what makes you think your audience will follow your lead?

More than a quarter of 18–24s say social media is 28% of their main source of news, beating television, 24%, for the first time (Reuters Institute Digital News Report).

You should want to be that credible source your audience turns to for news and information on your expertise.

Start blogging.

We are approaching 2018. Most people not only use the Internet as a source of information, but have their own websites as well. Blogs are used to promote your content. Good content is what readers want to see. Take the time to learn about SEO and keywords — this is the key to generating website traffic.

75% of marketing and communications professionals say verified web traffic of an influencer is the most important criteria when selecting an influencer, according to Schlesinger Associates.

Take the time to learn about each platform.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat — you name it! Each platform is used differently. It’s crucial to learn who uses each platform and why they use this specific platform. This way, you can promote your work by using the correct voice to cater to the users.

Share valuable content, collaborate, and contribute!

A pet peeve of mine is when others don’t show support to those who are also striving in your industry. I always say the same thing — they are not you!  YOU bring something different to the table.

Don’t look at others as competition, look at them as motivation and inspiration.

Work with peers in promoting one another. Sharing high-value content from a different influencer shows your audience you know your stuff. It’s also a way to utilize others to gain more visibility and there is nothing wrong with that.

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. Get your name out there by working with others!

Offer things for free…

Do I sound crazy? Because I am not. I have worked for free for many years just to get my name out there. All I wanted was to gain more visibility — not the money. The money comes after you’ve worked hard to gain your audience.

In the digital world, you must be okay with throwing content out in the open for free. Once you gain traffic and a strong target audience, the money will come flowing in. Not a lot of it in the beginning, but enough to make you step back and think “wow, my hard work is paying off.”

Continue to evolve and be open to trying new things.

The social media landscape is constantly changing. If you want to become an influencer, you have to embrace change and always be willing to test out new features or up-and-coming platforms. Be proud of yourself! Watch yourself grow.

Many of you may think it’s too late to become a social media influencer and I am here to tell you that you are wrong. The digital world is changing every day. As long as you generate unique content that shows your true passion, there is always a place for you in the digital world.

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