How to Overcome Writer’s Block Like a Pro!

Let’s be serious: there’s nothing worse than feeling uninspired when you’re trying to write. After writing for over 10 years, I have yet to master how to overcome writer’s block.

I always catch myself sitting at my desk with my laptop open, ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Then, I feel lost and my brain decides to go blank. Why brain, WHY? Why now?
You know, most people don’t know how to cope with writer’s block, and with many deadlines check marked off of my list in my lifetime, I wanted to share my secrets on how I get over writer’s block hoping it may help you.
Before we get started let me remind you: sometimes the timing may just be wrong. Your ideas may need to stew a little longer before writing them down or getting started on a new project and that is completely normal.

Stuff like this may be discouraging, but there is always a way to overcome writer’s block.

Now, let’s get started so I can help my readers get moving!

Step away from your laptop.

Yeah, you read that right. If you’re feeling unmotivated, step away and clear your mind. I usually take a shower, clean, go grocery shopping, eat or organize my closet. You could go for a walk, or even just move to a different room to clear your mind. Depending on the weather, I usually like to stay in my apartment. Move around — trust me, it helps.

Listen to your favorite music.

Music is the key to clearing your distracted mind. It’s a way to put you in a different place mentally and emotionally.
Did you know listening to classical music enhances activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion (the feel good hormone), and increases learning and memory? Add some of that classical music to your playlist and loosin’ up!

Spend time with someone who makes you feel good!

Being around people who inspire me is my way of getting my juices flowing. Whenever I come up with a new idea for an article, I make a note on it for a later time. Most of my ideas come from conversations I have with my friends and family, so keeping those you love close is the key to staying inspired.

Freewriting can help you declutter your mind

Whenever I have a tough day, I freewrite. Freewriting is when you literally write everything you have on your mind out without stopping. When freewriting, spelling, grammar, or any of the usual rules for writing don’t apply, so it’s a fun way to just remove any distractions you may have.

Start somewhere, anywhere. Write a few lines. Say anything. And see what happens. Don’t think about it too much or make any fancy announcements. Just write.

You all should see my first drafts — they are a damn mess. It’s okay, though. The first draft is always an outline.

Remember — write for the joy of writing. You can write. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Just type a few words. They don’t have to be good (all first drafts suck). It just has to be written. Then you have something to work it. You can tweak from there.

You can do it, I promise.

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Samantha Lebbos
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